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Bills vs. Jag Review

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  • Bills vs. Jag Review

    It's clear Melvin Fowler is a avg. C at best his run blocking is avg same with pass protection.

    Lee Evans doesn't look like a #1 WR. His only 2 receptions came in junk time.

    J.P Losman has regressed at QB. He over threw wide open WR on more than once. He can't go threw his reads.

    George Wilson should suit up at kicker next week because the move to safety obviously didn’t work out. Who knows, maybe he can even keep the kickoff in bounds.

    Maybe Ralph Wilson should chip in and help pay some of the salaries for the other teams because Aaron Schobel and Chris Kelsay have proved that his money does nothing but demotivate players into mediocrity.

    Run D held Jones-Drew to 10 yards on 10 carries, problem Taylor 14 for 104 (1 was for 50 yards were Crowell left his gap)

    With out Marshawn Lynch the O looks likes crap.

    Steve Fairchild, what do I have to say look at my sig.

    Anthony Thomas 23 touches!?!?! Why is the human statue, mister slow, getting 23 touches. He got a whopping 91 yards which is just under 4 yards a play. Steve Fairchild...cough, cough...

    Why the hell does A-Train get 7 or 8 receptions, but Lynch can't? cough.. Steve Fairchild...cough

    The Jags converted like 4 3rd and 10's. Yea, wow.

    Today’s review has been brought to to you by the letter D for dumb-a$$, which is what Steve Fairchild is.
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    lol nice Forum Moderator

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      Great write-up, I'm going to link to this in my write-up.

      You're right about the Jags' third downs. It seemed like they converted them all afternoon.
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        Walter got PWN3D
        Rams GM

        2. Jake Long, OT, Michigan
        33.Cliff Avril, DE, Purdue
        65.Tom Zbikowski, S, Notre Dame
        101.Tavares Gooden, LB, Miami
        137.Dennis Dixon, QB, Oregon
        168.Maurice Purify-WR-Nebraska
        180.Justin Forsett-RB-Cal