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Wes Welker... MVP?

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  • Wes Welker... MVP?

    Now obviously I'm not talking about him getting the award at the end of the season. I'm asking "Is Wes Welker the Most Valuable Player on the Patriots?"

    It seems like a ridiculous question, and it probably is. "What the hell man, they have Brady and Moss!" I know, i know, Brady and Moss certainly have the numbers this year. However, I'm not looking at "Most Valuable" as "Best".

    More to the point... the eagles can double cover Moss and stop him. Stallworth can dissappear in a game. Brady can get confused and befuttled under pressure (it's getting the pressure that's the hard part) but no team can seem to stop Wes Welker. This is largely due to the double teams on Moss and attention to Stallworth, but never the less Welker makes the biggest plays in the most crucial times.

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    Wes Welker is extremely valuable, but Moss is the reason why he's so open. If it weren't for Moss, Welker wouldn't produce as much.
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      They don't stop him because they are busy covering anybody else
      Walter got PWN3D
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