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Jake Locker's Draft Value

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  • Jake Locker's Draft Value

    Where does he rank in somewhere like the 2010 or 2011 draft? I posted on another forum that he is likely a top-5 pick when he comes out, and said he could develop into one of the top quarterbacks in the country, and a Notre Dame fan is flaming me. So I have been looking over sites for his draft value, but only one has given me some evidence.

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    Um, I say he certainly has the upside to be a first round pick. He has a long ways to go, and it is really hard to put a draft projection on a true freshman.
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      I have been looking all over, but since his draft class is so far away it has been next to impossible to find some stuff.

      I started coming to this site in June, only just saw a forum link when looking if you had some stuff on the 2011 draft class.

      BTW, he's a redshirt.