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Hunter Cantwell vs. Brian Brohm

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  • Hunter Cantwell vs. Brian Brohm

    One of the reasons that I feel that Brian Brohm isn't a top 10 NFL Draft pick, is his injury issues and I won't be surprised if he gets injured this season.

    Hypothetically (only way to have fun in offseason), if BB does get injured and Cantwell steps in and has a monster year, would it make sense for Cantwell to declare for the NFL Draft? I mean say Cantwell does great next season and other QB prospects such as J.D. Booty, Chad Henne, Matt Ryan, and Erik Ainge have inconsistent performances?

    I could really see a scenario where Cantwell declares for the 2008 Draft and becomes a top QB prospect.

    I mean, what if there becomes a big need for franchise QBs in the next draft? Atlanta, Baltimore, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, and Kansas City will all take a QB on day one in next year's draft. There are 5 or 6 other teams who have QBs that we just aren't totally sold on.

    Now, we realize the trend in the draft that you can find your franchise QB in round 2 or 3. A few examples:

    Philly-Kevin Kolb/R2
    Miami-John Beck/R2
    Detroit-Drew Stanton/R2
    Buffalo-Trent Edwards/R3
    New York Jets-Kellen Clemens/R2
    Minnesota-Tavaris Jackson/R2

    This plan will work out for some teams and won't work out for some teams. Taking 2nd and 3rd tier QBs will backfire for some teams but work out great for some.

    Could we see a run of QBs in round 1 of next year's draft, and with this need could a guy like Hunter Cantwell declare?

    However, to make the cast for HC to stay in school for his senior year, he right now seems to be the only elite QB prospect for the 2009 draft. It might be smart to stay in school and get more guaranteed money being a top 10 pick in the 2009 draft vs. being picked 24-32 in the 2008 draft.
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    Well, you're basing this scenario on Brian Brohm getting hurt, and a lot of talented quarterbacks struggling. Maybe one or two gets injured or plays poorly, but not all of them. I don't think John David Booty will have a bad year. Chad Henne has too much talent around him to do poorly.

    But if the scenario you've drawn up comes to fruition, I could see Cantwell declaring early. You're right about all those teams potentially needing quarterbacks. There could be a run, and if Cantwell sees himself getting picked high in mock drafts - I'm sure most of the players know where they're slated to go - he could declare.
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