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My Night at the Casino.

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  • My Night at the Casino.

    For my b-day (which is today), I wanted to go to the casino which is about half an hour away. Well, a bunch of my friends and I went last night because it was the easiest.

    Well here is my situation in which I lost $200 on one hand.

    The cards were dealt in Blackjack using 6 decks and the table was full (6 people).

    I was on a roll so I bet 40 bucks on this particular hand, and as my cards came, I was pretty excited.

    I was dealt two 8s while the dealer was showing a 4. I immediately split my 8s (for those who don't know blackjack, anytime you split you must put your wager down again) and received another 8. I'm ecstatic at this point. I split my 8s once again (another $40 bet), and you guessed it, received ANOTHER 8. I Split them again, praying and hoping these ridiculous 8s end.

    Finally, I receive a 10 on one my 8s. 18. I stay.

    My next 8, I get a 3, giving me 11. I immediately double down (another $40 bet), and receive a 6 giving me 17.

    My next 8 I get a 9 giving me 17. I stay.

    My next 8 I get an Ace giving me 19. I stay.

    At this point I'm practically jumping out of my chair in excitement. The dealer flips his card over, he has 14. He hits. Gives him 16. My excitement increases.

    He then flips a 5. Giving him 21. I immediately chug my newly received beer from the waitress, color up my chips, and head to the Poker Room (I ended up breaking even), and check my cell phone...its 12:01...Happy Birthday Ryan, you just gave the Casino $200 for your birthday.

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    Lol sucks. But good story. It's always easier to remember the bad beat then the good wins IMO.

    But happy birthday anyway. If you take a step back and look at the situation it's only $200. Forum Moderator

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      I'm a poor college student. But yeah, you are right.


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        That sucks


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          Ouch! Great story though.


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            That always sucks. Unfortunately, these new 6 deck black jack tables are a complete crap shoot with no rhyme or reason to them. It's just more bull**** the casinos use to increase their odds and because of it, black jack is no longer the statistical advantage that it once was. I remember one night in AC when a dealer was always showing all low cards and would pull 20s and 21s out of their ass all night.

            That being said, I still love black jack.


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              R.I.P. Chris Henry. Even with the bad choices he made, he made a comeback and was a great and respected athlete. He will be missed greatly.


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                That blows. I don't like to play black jack in casinos due to the use of multiple decks.


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                  I hate blackjack in casinos unless I'm with friends or people that know how to play.

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                    It really sucks that you had him in such a bad spot. Should have busted.


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                        very nice


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