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  • Madden

    Who here plays the Madden Video game? I'm not that great at it... I mainly just play GM and simulate seasons and whatnot. Just curious if anyone here plays. If you play online It'd be fun to face each other.

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    I'm bummed that this thread never really caught legs... I don't know the first f'ing thing about the latest systems, or which one would be the best buy between XBox, PS3, Wii, etc. I'm starting to reach the age where I'm totally out of touch with anything more technological than surfing the 'net.

    But how cool would it be if somehow we could set up some sort of tournament or something... get 8 or so guys on the same page, set up games, a bracket, etc., and determine a winner.

    Maybe this is all a pipe-dream - for all I know, it's a pain in the ass to actually play a live game like that against each other online*, but it would be kick-ass if it ever came to fruition.

    *My disclaimer is that my online-gaming experience extends to playing a high-school buddy online in Links '99 on my PC, on a regular basis, a few years back... obviously a totally different animal since it wasn't like a live-action game.


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      I’ll play you guys in Madden.


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        I haven't felt like buying a new system and prob won't anytime soon. I still play the original XBox. I bought Madden's 04-07 and don't wanna buy 08 because I don't enough too. I still play 07 when I have time. In my 2nd year of a fanstay draft franchise on All-Madden. Vince Young is a 99 and God unlike in real life. Forum Moderator

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