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My first big MTT win

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  • My first big MTT win

    $5+.50 on Full tilt...270 people entered.

    I got 2nd for $220. So sick too hear is how this one hand went down.

    Ol buddy genius (OBG...not his real name) min raises UTG
    Button moves in (short stack).

    I have AhQh. I call for pot control...I am big stack/even with OBG.

    He calls. Flop comes 3s4s5s. Check check. Turn is Ad. Check Check. River is 2to put a straight on board.

    OBG had Ace Ten. Pretty much a brick drops on a river and I can value bet the **** out of that board and get called.

    Chopped 3 ways. Sick. Runner runner straight...only 2 aces left in the deck. Brutal.
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      I play on Pokerstars. I haven't played in a few weeks damn work and all. My biggest win was I pulled down 1st place in a $1 + .10 tourney. It was like 3300 people. Pretty fun that I couldn't win anything bigger. I made $320. It took 6 1/2 hours. Tables are def easier to make money. Forum Moderator

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