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  • rank the Die Hard movies

    FINALLY got around to seeing the latest version, and I actually liked it better than I thought I would (considering I can't stand the younger guy from his work in the IBM/Mac commercials).

    The first one I saw was DH 2, when it was in the theaters in '90. I think that's why I'll always be partial to that one. In fact, I'd consider this and the original to be 1 and 1A. But, being stuck on a desert island with a choice between the two, I'd take DH 2.

    My rank would be: 2, 1, 4, and then waaaaay down the list to 3. I thought 3 had a few rare moments, but for the most part I was bored to tears with it. Not to mention I'm not a Samuel L Jackson fan.

    How would you guys rank 'em?

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    I personally don't like them...I just don't like 90% of action movies for some reason I just noticed this recently.
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      I'm going 1,2,3,4. I know it's boring, but that's my opinion. My only cool die hard story is that years ago when it came out I saw Die Hard 3 for the first time on an international flight. Remember how back then they didn't have personal video screens, so movies had to be edited for everyone. No sex, no swearing, nothing objectionable.

      So anyway there's a bit in the movie where Bruce Willis has to wear a sandwich board in Harlem as a condition of the terrorists. In the edited version, the board says "Death to everyone." I couldn't understand why this was such a bad thing to wear until years later I watched the original on tv, which doesn't say everyone, but something far more racially charged.

      The fact though that they must have filmed two different versions, with two different sandwich boards always amazed me (it's one thing to dub over swears, but another to redo scenes).


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        The second one was the worst one by far. The first one is a classic and is definitely the best. I think you're in the minority in this one Brian.


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          seen bourne ultamatum?