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    Yesterday I finally purchased the Jersey of one of my favorite players..Kerry Rhodes, took me long enough. I said I was gonna purchase it at the beginning of football season. O well i'll wear it proud when it arrives. I wanted a David Harris one too, but I swear no one makes them (yet) unless I buy a custom one for like $125, not gonna happen. To date I have:

    1) Kerry Rhodes
    2) Jonathan Vilma
    3) Santana Moss (Jets)
    4) Grant Hill (Pistons) this shouldn't count I got it in 6th grade lol Forum Moderator

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    I have
    LeBron James
    Chinidum Ndukwe - LoL
    Odell Thurman
    Kenyan Martin - Cincinnati
    Im not a Cleveland Cavaliers fan....No, I'm a LeBron James fan.


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      1. First one I ever got was a Michael Jordan-Home when I was in the 2nd Xmas present ever. Also got the Bulls shorts!

      2. Michael Clayton-Home
      3. Brian McBride-Away
      4. Tanard Jackson-Home (Just ordered it)
      5. Eto'o-Home (When he played for Barca )
      5. Andre' Woodson-Home (Pending )
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      Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.


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        Originally posted by Matt McGuire View Post
        5. Eto'o-Home (When he played for Barca )
        Eto'o is still playing for Barca.
        Forgive me I'm Swedish!


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          I used to love getting football jerseys in middle school.

          Corey Dillon (Bengals - Black)
          Jerry Rice (Raiders - Black)
          LaDainian Tomlinson (Chargers - Powder Blue)
          Tim Biakabutuka (my boy! - Light Blue Retro)
          Terrell Owens (49ers - Red)
          Tom Brady (Patriots - Blue)
          Curtis Martin (Jets - Green)
          Ahman Green (Packers - Green)

          Also had some basketball jerseys.

          Shareef Abdur-Rahim (Hawks - 1976 Throwback Jersey)
          Darius Miles (Clippers - Red)

          So yeah, some pretty random jersey's. Sold most of them, or just gave/threw them away. The only one I still have is Tom Brady and Tim Biakabutuka.
          Carolina Panther's GM

          1. #17 - Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh
          2. #37 - Ali Highsmith, OLB, LSU
          2. #43 - Jonathan Hefney, FS, Tennessee
          3. #74 - John David Booty, QB, USC
          3. #82 - Dre Moore, DT, Maryland
          4. #107 - Matt Forte, RB, Tulane


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            The only reason i got Chinidum Ndukwe was cuz it was such a bad ass name
            Im not a Cleveland Cavaliers fan....No, I'm a LeBron James fan.


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              1-Drew Bledsoe aka Drew Deadslow-Blue, White-Still have
              2-Eric Moulds-Blue, White-Still have
              3-Bruce Smith-Blue-Still have
              4-Doug Flutie-Blue-Don't have
              5-Takeo Spikes-White-Still have
              6-Donte Whitner-Throwback-Still have
              7-Rob Johnson-Blue-Don't have
              8-Willis McGahee-White-Still have for some reason

              1-Anthony Gonzales-Red-Still have
              2-James Laurinaitis-Red-Still have
              3-Chris Wells-Red-Still have

              I can't remember anymore more


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                Originally posted by Leo Fender View Post
                Eto'o is still playing for Barca.
                I thought he was transferred back to Madrid...don't know why I thought that. Haven't been keeping up with the real football lately.
                2014-2015 Kentucky Wildcats (38-1)

                Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.


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                  I have Steve Young, TO, Frank Gore, and Barry Bonds (however, I no longer like him).


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                    Havent gotten one in a long time or else I would get a Deron Williams jersey but I had

                    Juwan Howard Bullets
                    Shaq Magic

                    Lebron Irish hanging on my wall
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                      i wanted so bad a johnny jolly jersey but wasn't going to pay the ri****ulous price they wanted for a custom job. so i guess i don't have any. however, i do have a "sharpe shooter" t-shirt from like 1993 with favre and sterling sharpe on it that i used to wear like every day. that thing is totally badass.


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                        Bo Jackson
                        Steve Young
                        Peyton Manning
                        Troy Polamalu
                        Sean Taylor (recently after he died)

                        Non football jerseys
                        Seattle Super Sonics Shawn Kemp!


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                          Jordan 23 & 45


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                            Just listing my football jerseys, all my bball jerseys are too old/small.

                            Elway - 60s throwback orange
                            Elway - Orange Crush style
                            Rod Smith - Modern orange
                            Terrell Davis - Modern blue
                            Personalized - Modern white
                            Karl Mecklenberg - Orange Crush style
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                              My sister's friend sells authentic jerseys for 50$ each, I have:

                              DeSean Jackson
                              Brian Dawkins (Eagles)
                              Lito Sheppard (Eagles) (signed )...friend of my Dad's friend
                              Brian Westbrook
                              Takeo Spikes (Eagles)
                              Ron Jaworski (signed )...met him at a Soul game and he signed a football and my jersey
                              Ed Reed
                              Braylon Edwards
                              Brady Quinn
                              Patrick Willis
                              Calvin Johnson
                              Marvin Harrison
                              Barry Sanders
                              Fran Tarkenton
                              LaDanian Tomlinson
                              Sammy Baugh
                              Devin Hester (Super Bowl logo on it)
                              Brandon Marshall

                              I only wear a couple of them, I mostly have them just for collecting.
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