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  • Originally posted by Alastair View Post

    Despite Rofl's protests, if you've got the will to be strict, try the keto diet. It doesn't work for everyone, but give it a week and see if you like the results. I've known a few people, my wife included, who it works great for and they shed fat like crazy. I have heard of some people who it just doesn't work for and they tend to stay in the keto flu (usually a few day period where you don't feel like you have any energy) for the whole time they're on it. Most people only get it for the first three or four days and then they feel like they have more energy than they did before. When you cut out the carbs completely, it's much easier to stay under your calorie totals for the day.
    Sorry to respond to such an old piece of advice. But found myself gaining weight from a tough work schedule and not getting to the gym. Went to Keto and lost about 15 pounds both of the first two months. Insane. Keto flu sucked for the first 5 days or so then felt great.

    Really need to start getting up earlier now and hit the gym.


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