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  • Looking for a Host

    Looking for a free Host who has PHP and MYSQL in the site. my homestead doing carry it so i have to look some where else.

    let me know



    I have but they doing use PHP OR MYSQL

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    I know a great host, but he charges something like $9/month. Not much if you think about it because you can make that back easily with advertising.

    What kind of site do you run?
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      he got control of all the pools. he a freind now but not sure if something happened and he can't update it and need to get control of this year super bowl pools.

      this is the one I have for years. I like it but costing me alot of money round $35.00 a month. but I like it. they dont' have PHP or MYSQL and i am paying alot of money for nothing I think. I like it becuase I don't have to add any HTML or anything hard. so i keep it.

      with a host that I only will use is for hosting my super bowl pools that all i woulld be doing/