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My Cousin Steve's Guide to Women Flow Chart

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  • My Cousin Steve's Guide to Women Flow Chart

    My cousin Steve came up with this:

    Majority of girls as being composed of 3 characteristics: Hotness
    Crazyiness(which when not crazy, means coolness)

    Since everything in the universe must maintain balance, so do women. If one would place each category on a scale from 0-100, with 50 being the absolute average and 100 being the maximum, girls can not have a combined score of over 150. Consequently, a hotter a girl is, the more crazy or stupid she is. If she is really smart, the uglier and/or crazier she is.

    Average girl chart:
    0 100
    Hot |------+------| =50(Average looking)
    Insane |------+------| =50(Relatively sane)
    Smart |------+------| =50(normal intelligence)

    Hot Stupid girl
    0 100
    Hot |------------+| =100(Bangin')
    Insane |-------+-----| =50(average)
    Smart |+------------| =0(Brain dead)

    An ideal?
    0 100
    Hot |---------+---| =75(Good looking/attractive)
    Insane |------+------| =50(Avg.)
    Smart |--+----------| =25(Not too smart!)

    Your worst enemy:
    0 100
    Hot |-----------+-| =90(Hot enough to whip you)
    Insane |-+-----------| =10(Just enough sanity to keep you leashed to the insane *****)
    Smart |------+------| =50(Smart enough to plot and destroy)
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    LOL Walter. I love the your worst enemy one.


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      Yea we all do want a girl pretty attractive but not too much because you don't want guys to always be eye ****ing your girl, but stupider than you, but not too much so you can't hold a decent conversation. Women are things. Forum Moderator

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