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The New Rambo Movie Sucks!

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  • The New Rambo Movie Sucks!

    Well, I finally watched it after work tonight.

    Blech! Awful.

    My continuous drinking only made the end slightly better, despite my shouts of "Go Rambo" to my tv.

    What disappointed me the most was that the latest addition to the Rocky series got me emotional (and a bit teary) and I expected another strong showing out of Sly but... damn.

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    Just rewatching Rocky Balboa now. Already a little teary.


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      Eh I'm not interested in watching the new Rambo. No idea why they brought it back after many many years

      I saw the new Rocky and thought it was pretty decent. But I felt no reason for it to be made other than money.

      Also Stallone should be in a nursing home somewhere. He is so old! Forum Moderator

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        Had no want or desire to see this and had a feeling it would suck but now I have even less and probably wouldn't even leave it on if it were on tv.... I would change the channel for sure
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