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any ESPN Pardon The Interruption fans?

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  • any ESPN Pardon The Interruption fans?

    Personally, I think this is the best show on television right now. My get-home-from-work routine involves grabbing a beer from the fridge and plopping down to watch the DVR of that day's episode.

    The funny thing is that it's just two guys talking sports (and sometimes goofy pop-culture current events), but it's BY FAR the most entertaining original programming on ESPN right now. Especially since SportsCenter has dissolved into an attention-whore contest among the announcers.

    Nothing beats when Kornheiser and Wilbon are hosting PTI, though I'm starting to accept Dan LeBatard a little bit more each time he's on..... "BAM!" lol

    My girlfriend and I traveled to D.C. a couple of months ago, and by far the highlight for me was getting in for a live taping. We were sitting off camera about three feet from the stage, and were lucky enough that TK and MW were hosting that day. Definitely two of the coolest "celebrities" you'd ever want to meet.

    If this thread catches any kind of legs at all, I can give a bit more detailed trip-report (if anybody cares).

    For now, I'm just curious if anyone else is a fan of this show.

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    I love the show, and I've watched it from the beginning. It might have been one of the reasons I got into sportswriting in the first place. TonyK and Michael Wilbon are great; I like the former in the MNF booth.

    Dan LeBastard is starting to grow on me too. I don't like Bob Ryan on the show though, I think he's a bit stale.

    I'd like to hear that story.
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      leBastard is too anti-team, pro-player though. ironic since miami's stadium used to be "pro-player stadium" lol.

      nbc's "the office" is the best show on tv tho.


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        I like the Office, but I always seem to forget to watch it. I'll probably just buy the DVDs.
        2016 NFL Mock Draft

        Sales Tips, Sales Techniques, Sales Planning and Sales Blogs to Increase Sales Commissions


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          i dont get how it hasnt caught on in a big way yet.


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            I try to watch it everyday, but most of the time I fall asleep when I'm watching Around the Horn, another good show in my opinion. Tony K has the BEST jokes! One of the funniest guys on television. "I'd probably get back into porn", "My move was the angry crab". Also the penguin dance he always does.
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