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  • Best Fantasy Football Trades

    What was your Best Fantasy Football Trade

    Mine/ Traded Isacc Bruce For Derek Anderson and Dwayne Bowe

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    The only interaction I had with trades was when some dude kept offering me Devery Henderson and LJ Smith for my Ravens D and someone else important but I can't remember who.


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      Michael Bennett for Ryan Grant.
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        Raiders Defense for Greg Jennings.


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          I hate making trades and I think I have only made 1 in the 5 years I played fantasy football. It was last year and I traded

          QB Chris Redman
          WR Roddy White


          WR Reggie Wayne
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            A few years ago, I traded Mike Vick & Duce Staley for Priest Holmes & Donovan McNabb. Vick broke his leg in the preseason, and Priest went on to set the record for TDs in a season.

            Also, the next year, I had the greatest draft in the history of Fantasy.
            1. Shaun Alexander 20+ TDs, #2 in rushing by a yard.
            2. Peyton Manning (49 TDs)
            3. Terrell Owens (His 1st year in Philly, 15+ TDs)
            4. Curtis Martin (Rushing Title)
            I went undefeated in the regular season, and steamrolled through the playoffs. I've never even come close to that kind of success again.


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              I’m not against it but trading just doesn’t feel right to me for some reason, especially in the beginning of the year. I’m a go to war with what you pick kind of guy.


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                I can never find anyone suckerish enough to fall for my trades. I believe I tried to unload LJ for Shaun Alexander before the season, since I was in like 6 leagues and wanted a bit of consistency in my rosters...thankfully the guy didn't take the trade considering Alexander laid a huge egg. LJ wasn't much better, but...phew. (yea yea i know, I drafted Shaun Alexander last year, laugh all you want)

                In a KEEPER league, a dude tried offering me this past year Leon Washington for Michael Turner. Pfffft, yea right.


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                  I'm huge into trade and have made some big ones both ways I must say to many to remember but I'm sure there will be a blockbuster that runs through me this year in ouyr WF league
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                    I should add that my trade was even better because someone else offered it to me. Plus, I was slammed for accepting it because everyone thought Priest was a one year wonder (fortunately, he was a two year wonder) and that Vick was going to set the world on fire.


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                      does any1 know wen fantasy football starts i have never done it before and also wat is a good place to do it
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                        Adam is setting it up. E-mail him if you want to be in it.