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Heading to Baltimore

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  • Heading to Baltimore

    I just went to Canada last weekend without my girlfriend and so I told her I'd take her on vacation this weekend. We decided we're going to Baltimore and we're actually leaving today in a few hours.

    I know they have a huge aquarium, but what else can I do in Baltimore? Looking for some site seeing tips here, hopefully Puppy can help me out.

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    See if you can go on a tour the M&T Bank Stadium.

    I did it for Raymond James in Tampa and it was amazing...of course not every football stadium has a pirate ship.

    Not sure if she thinks that would be fun going to that sort of an attraction, but just an idea.

    Also go to a ballgame at Camden Yards which is a great ballpark. You should also use wikipedia to find stuff to do.
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      Actually she loves football, so she would probably want to do that. Wiki, good idea.

      Also, I have Garmin GPS that gets me where I need to go. However, we're taking her car, and her cigarette lighter thingy in her car is broken, so I can't charge my GPS. Think the battery will last? I've nver had it unplugged.


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        I remember Ravens stadium looking pretty cool with the purple.


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          Probably should have posted this way earlier... I'm leaving now. Won't be on the Forum this weekend guys, but have fun without me.


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            How about you take her to a half way decent city...


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              National Bohemian beer brewery