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    Kind of not off topic but i thought i'd put it here because it doesn't really belong in the main section. (sorry if there is a similar thread elsewhere)

    I was just wondering what people think the best NFL/American Football related books are? I've finished College and don't start Uni until September so have plenty of time on my hands so thought i'd prepare for the new season by reading a few related books.

    I've got the Favre book and Tedy Bruschi's autobiography, both good books.

    I'm looking at the one with Oher in it. "blind side" is it? or Sports Illustrated Tribute To Brett Favre.

    Any other good related books?

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    Sorry this post doesn't answer your question but thought I would make a random suggestion for a book if you have afree time. I hope the Server Beer in Hell by Tucker Max
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      The Draft by Pete Williams is a nice read. I kinda also like The GM by someone I don't remember.

      As of now I am reading a biography of Pete Rozelle
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