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Hi guys some weight lifting help please?

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  • Hi guys some weight lifting help please?

    I've been working out daily in China for the last week or so to maintain my strength for football season so I don't get demoted on the depth chart when I come back for being weak and out of shape. But I got I love the food here.

    Anyway, I'm five foot nine around 190 pounds and I want to increase the strength of my legs and get over my hump in bench press. I play left guard btw.

    My bench press is right now floating around 255-260, and I've tried everything to get it higher, including dumbbell presses, negatives, lot of push-ups, ISO work on my triceps, etc. I hate the fact I've hit a damned wall. Do you guys know any other exercises I could do? I have access to pretty much a decked out gym, so be creative.

    I can't really squat because I don't have a spotter for free weights, so I'm stuck on the fixed-motion thing. Last time I checked my squat max was under 400 on free weights for a full deep squat (that completely KILLS my ass). Are there ways to work on it since I can't obviously deep squat on my own?

    Finally I've haven't worked my dead lift in a month and a half since our coach dropped it out of the weight program, but the last time I checked it was around 450 MAX. Anyway I can work my core and jack up my deadlift too minus Roman deadlifts (my back is a mess right now). I also don't have a trap bar.

    Bonus: I'm trying to drop my 400 time to under a minute, any great workouts to make it easier?

    Thanks guys.

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    we had a fitness discussion here a few weeks ago
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        Having read these forums for quite some time, you are now my favorite person.