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    First and for most, Isiah Thomas needs to be fired.

    Light a stick of dynamite and blow this roster up, because everybody has to do.

    If I was the GM, this is what I would do to the Knicks roster.

    Renaldo Balkman: I bashed the Knicks for drafting Balkman, and I will still bash them because it was a horrible move. Still, I like Balkman. Good shot selection. Needs to work on his free throws. A good shot blocker. A good rebounder despite lack of minutes. A defensive shark. KEEP OR TRADE?: (KEEP).

    Wilson Chandler: I bashed the Knicks for drafting Chandler too. Unknown yet how he will turn out. KEEP OR TRADE? (KEEP).

    Mardy Collins: Is a bum, who is a pawn of Isiah Thomas. He has no jumper - no nothing. KEEP OR TRADE?: TRADE (You probably wouldn't get much for him - maybe a second rounder).

    Jamal Crawford: I like Crawford, is he a very versatile player. Only one real side to his game, and that is offense. Still, that is what I want out of my SG - somebody who can get me a bunch of points. Needs to work on his jumper. Good from the perimeter and a good free-throw shooter. Needs to rebound better. Good with the steals. KEEP OR TRADE?: KEEP (Good offense game).

    Eddy Curry: The fast and furious (he was pulled over once for doing like 120 mph) center has never been in shape! I think Curry is a good offense center, which is nice, but I want a center who can grab me rebounds, get me blocks, and patrol the paint like a shark. He is averaging 5.8 rebounds per game, 5.5 as his career average. What a joke! You're 6-11, almost 300 pounds and you can rebound? Give me a break. I want my center to average at least one block per game. Eddy Curry - he averages .67 a game. Enough said. KEEP OR TRADE?: TRADE (We already have our offense juggernaut).

    Jerome James: Can't say much, but holy hell his salary for this season is 5.8 mill and he doesn't even play! Great job, Isiah. Trade away immediately for expiring contracts. KEEP OR TRADE?: TRADE

    Jared Jeffries: No confidence in his game. Again, another over paid player making over 5.6 mill this season for averaging 2.3 PPG, and 2.8 RPG. If, perhaps Jeffries had a normal contract for a player of his caliber, I might have kept him, but he is way overpaid. KEEP OR TRADE? (TRADE).

    Fred Jones: I don't know where to play his guy. He can't run point, he is too small to play SG or SF. I wouldn't have a place on my team for this guy. No jumper. Shoots the 3 well. Good free throw shooter. An Alright three point shooter. Decent defender. If he wasn't involved with the Pacers-Pistons fight, I would have kept him. However, he was so...NEXT! KEEP OR TRADE (TRADE).

    David Lee: The best player on the roster, yet does not get proper playing time. He is a double-double beast! I would be all over Lee if I was a GM in the NBA. He should be the starting PF for the Knicks. Good from the field, heck he is a good free throw shooter. Rebounds very well. Takes care of the ball. Good defender. Trouble getting blocks and steals. Very unselfish. KEEP OR TRADE? (KEEP).

    Stephon Marbury: When he is not having sex with interns for the Knicks in the back of his truck - outside a strip club, throwing punches with his head coach 3,000 feet in the air, or hanging out with Nick Cannon and Ja Rule, Marbury is letting opposing PG's put up great numbers and hit game willing shots. How do you let Jay Williams make the game winning jumper on you? What a joke. It is sad to see Marbury fall so quickly, but this is a star that is dead. He can't shoot the ball anymore. Still a very good three point shooter. An average free throw shooter. Cannot defend a pylon. An average rebounder - and an average average PG now. Doesn't dish out the rock anymore. Very selfish. Knees are in worse shape then my Grandma's. On top of that, he is making 19 mill this year. You cannot even trade him. KEEP OR TRADE?: TRADE (If you can't - bench him till his contract is expired).

    Randolph Morris: Not much to say. Good body. KEEP OR TRADE?: (KEEP).

    Zach Randolph: I have been a Portland fan for many many years, and a big reason why the Blazers were called the Jail Blazers had a lot to do with Randolph. Sure - he can score points and grab rebounds - but he is a jerk. He always gets in trouble. I don't want this selfish troll on my team. KEEP OR TRADE?: (TRADE).

    Quentin Richardson: No sign of a jumper. Very good 3 ball though. Can't shoot free throws. Great rebounder, alright with the steals. Another selfish, overpaid ball-hog. Q-Rich is making 8 million this year. Awesome. KEEP OR TRADE?: (TRADE).

    Nate Robinson: Umm, its Nate Robinson. He starts fights with people in the shower! Nate, if you want to be a fighter, go join the MMA like Johnnie Morton - I just hope you have better luck. KEEP OR TRADE?: (TRADE).

    Malik Rose: Shooting the ball 18%, averaging 1.6 PPG and 1.1 RPG - and yet he is making 7 million this year. Another genius move by Isiah Thomas. KEEP OR TRADE?: (TRADE).

    As you can see, in my eyes, the Knicks should only keep 5 players on there current 15 man roster. Take a page from the Spurs - winning teams start with great defense, a team captain who motivates and inspires the players around him, and a coach who knows how to teach his team how to win. The Knicks lack it all, and that is why they are the disgrace of the NBA.
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    Marbury's a toad. He has to go with Isiah. Both of those guys are scumbags.
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      James Dolan is a tool. He reminds me of King Theoden from LOTR when Grima Wormtongue is manipulating the crap out of him and slowly killing him. Well Isiah is Grima to the T. Knicks need some sort of Gandalf to come in to flush Isiah down the toliet they call a team. Forum Moderator

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        No reason why Isiah should even be there now let alone finish out this season... Get rid of Crapbury... build your team with nate rob and crawford in the backcourt and big Z Randolph up front... Then if u can draft or trade for a star swingman and just fill in a replacement center for curry you might not be to bad
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