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  • Johan Santana thread

    The Yankees and Red Sox are in the Johan Santana sweepstakes.
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    I don't think the Red Sox are doing it... It's just a ruse. Only the Yankees are dumb enough to mortgage their entire farm system for one player.
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      I hate the red sox and agree they are postering to raise the price of Johan. I hope the Yankees don't overpaid for him. If push comes to shove get Haren for cheaper I say. Forum Moderator

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        As a red sox fan I am pretty neutral on this trade. Santana is one hell of a pitcher so I understand why we should acquire, I also think though I woudn't mind holding onto Ellsbury, Coco, and Lester.

        Santana-Beckett-Schilling-Matsuzaka-Wake would destroy the AL.
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          There is always Dan Haren.
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