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No More Jacobs Field

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  • No More Jacobs Field

    It's now called Progressive Field. Yea good luck getting me to change how I call the stadium. I will always call it Jacobs Field.

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    I heard that in class today, lol Progressive Field, lol.


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      That's terrible. "Jacobs Field" had such a classic ring to it. I will also always call it Jacobs.

      Anyways, I bet Progressive shelled out some big bucks, and if those can go toward scouting, then if I were an Indian fan then I'd support it.
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        It should be cash that has restrictions on how it is used. Like it should only be used to pay ballplayers because the Indians owner is too cheap to open his wallet (I have no idea who the owner(s) are). Forum Moderator

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          Progressive is paying 3.5million per year for 16 years. Let's see if the Indians invest this back into the team.

          I guess it makes sense since Dick Jacobs sold the team like 5 years ago lol