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  • Lakers Championship?

    Ok, so the Lakers just got Pau Gasol for Kwame Brown and 2 1st rounders. I would say that the Lakers just made a huge power move to come out of the west!!! Any thoughts?
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    are they giving Javaris Crittenton too? Forum Moderator

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      Originally posted by vbsiena24
      are they giving Javaris Crittenton too?


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        I just watched the lakers vs pistons last night. This move definitely helps their offense, but they need Bynum back in the middle for any chance at a championship.

        All in all seems like a great trade for them.


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          This was a huge trade for both sides...I love that the Grizz picked up Crittendon and 2 first round picks. They need to rebuild. Gasol wanted out and I think they got the best deal they could for him.
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            Crittenton and Conley at point now that's going to be a good 1 2 punch in a few years.
            I like Swift they shouldn't have traded him though.


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              According to Joe Dumars, the Pistons GM, this was a "Merry Christmas" for the lakers and a "money dump" by Memphis. This trade along with the Swift deal gets rid of $15 million from their payroll. They get youth and picks in return.


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                Think this is a great move and wish the Bulls would have stepped up to the plate and done this before the Lakers did. This adds the #1 position to a championship team and thats a solid big man. Kobe can bring this team pretty far but think Gasol will get them over the hump
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                  This move is ridiculous to the other team. Lakers made a very huge deal. But I still doubt Lakers to win the Western Conference Finals