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Who is your favorite sports writer?

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  • Who is your favorite sports writer?

    After High School, I followed up my experience as Editor of our newspaper to join the Journalism program when I started college. I left that program after two years because i could not find the inspiration to write a genuinely interesting story on a regular basis. I will forever admire those professionals that are able to do so well what I could not.

    Mine is Mitch Albom. He's absolutely awesome.

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    Mitch Alboom is one of my all-time faves...also like Rick Reilly (spelling?)...and he is switching to ESPN Mag to let you know.

    Big fan of Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball and The Blind Side. Such a big fan that I am looking forward to reading his book on Silicon Valley called The New New Thing. Just seems interesting to me.

    You and I have a lot in common animal. I was a really good sports writer in high school (won 2nd place in state for sports journalism) and the head coach of the UK Tennis team, Dennis Emery, told me I covered the tennis better than anyone in the past 5 years. I quit though because all sports stories read the same to me and I just don't enjoy writing the same thing over and over and over. That's why a blog is so great. I can write about the things going on in the sports world, without having to slave for 40-50 years as a journalist before getting to that point, and making less than 25k a year doing it.
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      Not to kiss any ass, but, Walter Cherepinsky isn't half-bad.


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        Originally posted by Jason View Post
        Not to kiss any ass, but, Walter Cherepinsky isn't half-bad.
        Agreed. I like Michael Silver, and Matt as well.


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          Thanks guys!

          I grew up idolizing Bill Simmons, Jay Mariotti and a few others. Mitch Albom is pretty good too.
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            Aw man, I hate Mariotti. I love reading Adam Schefters articles.


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              Bill Simmons and that TMQ guy (Greg Easterbrook?) from ESPN are my favorites
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                Jay Marrioti is very talented sprts writer, but I think he tends to like to use "shock value" too much.