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    Originally posted by Walter View Post
    1. Suns would have won last year if David Stern didn't interfere.

    2. Shaq has barely played this year. He's done. He has nothing left. He doesn't fit with this system. They're going to become a slower team. They panicked and now they're ****ed.
    Wasn't it that ref that got caught gambling that cost the Suns the playoffs? I know Stern approved those unfair suspensions.

    I say don't underestimate Shaq. When a guy like that wants something bad enough.........


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      Originally posted by animal52 View Post
      ........I say don't underestimate Shaq. When a guy like that wants something bad enough......... doesn't matter with his knees/body.
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        Originally posted by Matt McGuire View Post doesn't matter with his knees/body.
        Matt, I'm going to stand in disgreement with you on his ability to overcome his health and age issues for a shot at another ring, and wait until May or June to see who's right. Stay tuned.


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          That is very inaccurate to say that if the Suns did not have the suspensions in the playoffs against the Spurs than they would have won? All that is, is just a poor attemt of saying what if this, or what if that, to try and prove an invalid point. In addition, the Spurs are the best and have been the best at adjusting, which means if Staudamire was in the those games, they probably still would have lost.
          Another thing is that by having STaidamire playing his rightful position at Power Foward it allows him to be more effective on that team. Shaq will be completely fine in that offense, and make the team much much better. LOOK at Kareem Abdul-Jabbar when the Lakers won the champioships with the very similar style of play they used, compared with the Suns offense.

          Shaq is known to ALWAYS make his teamates better. Oh my bad, let me give you an example or 2, Penny Hardaway, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade. Think about this, he finally get to a team with more talent than any of those other teams? Of course he doesnt have to be in his prime anymore, because it will not matter. Think before you respond!!!!.....FLAWLESS VIIIICTORY!!!!!
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            Ohhh dude! There can be no doubt that the series in question was controversial, and subject to intense scrutiny. Can't blame anybody for THAT.

            But I agree that Shaq will be able to fit in with the Suns.


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              I think its a good trade for both parts. It will in fact change up the Suns system which is a good thing because with the previous run and gun they could win a lot of game but when it came down to the playoffs they were all burnt out and could not get that ring. A Big man is the key part to a great Championship team. Look at the Spurs with Duncan, Also look at the Lakers now with Gasol. The Heat win a bit more on this trade with younger players and a lot more athletisim to build around
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                And to think Shaq's getting the highest salary, expected to only play for less minutes than Amare