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Update in the Famous Bartman ball case

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  • Update in the Famous Bartman ball case

    I copied and pasted this article I found

    Wednesday, Apr 2, 2008 1:46 pm EDT

    Alous says he wouldn't have caught Bartman ball
    Getty Images
    Any holdovers still blaming Steve Bartman should let the infamous Cubs fan off the hook, Moises Alou says.

    The former Cubs left fielder, now with the Mets, said he wouldn't have caught the now-infamous foul ball in the 2003 National League Championship Series that hit the heel of Bartman's hand in the eighth inning of Game 6, prolonging an inning in which the Marlins later rallied for the lead.

    "Everywhere I play, even now, people still yell, 'Bartman! Bartman!' I feel really bad," Alou told the Associated Press. "You know what the funny thing is?" he added. "I wouldn't have caught it anyway."

    Bartman is presumed to be in hiding somewhere in the Chicago area. The baseball, which was destroyed in a promotional event, didn't fare as well.

    Source: Associated Press
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    I'm a Cubs fan, and I've never blamed Bartman. Just like most Red Sox fans should have never blamed Bill Buckner. Both happened in Game 6's, and both teams lost the game 7's. Bartman's mishap happened in the 8th inning with the Cubs ahead 3-0. Without my boy Prior's wild pitch, Alex Gonzales' error, and poor pitching that followed, Bartman would be a blip on the radar., get some.
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      That was really taken too far by fans. I heard he even got ****ing death threats. Death threats? WTF?


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        Isn't it a bit late for Alou to say this now? Shouldn't he have said it like the day after it happened?
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