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Breakdown of Sports Nation Final 4 poll & Bodog Odds

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  • Breakdown of Sports Nation Final 4 poll & Bodog Odds

    Okay here is the question: "Which two teams will play in the national championship game?"

    UCLA - Kansas : 13%
    UCLA - UNC : 44%
    Memphis - Kansas : 11%
    Memphis - UNC : 32%

    So here is my breakdown of what chances Sports Nation is giving for each team to be in the final 4:

    UNC: 76%
    UCLA: 57%
    Memphis: 43%
    Kansas: 24%

    Here are bodog's odds for each national championship matchup with percantages:

    UCLA - Kansas: 4/1 (25%)
    UCLA - UNC: 5/2 (40%)
    Memphis - Kansas: 11/4 (36%)
    Memphis - UNC: 7/4 (57%)

    Breaking down the real experts odds that they give (which are different but still):

    UNC: 61%
    Memphis: 59%
    UCLA: 41%
    Kansas: 39%

    The oddsmakers (and I) like Memphis much much more than the public does. I think this team is going to win it all.

    Thoughts on this breakdown of oddsmakers vs. ESPN Idiots?
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    What do you expect. The common fan has no idea what they are talking about. They ramble some crap they heard off of ESPN and think they know what they are talking about, until someone like Matt owns them in an argument. Forum Moderator

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      Sadly, yes. It is why guys like McFraud can get away with having such bad draft coverage.