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OJ MAYO to enter NBA Draft

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  • OJ MAYO to enter NBA Draft

    Not that this should come as a huge suprise to anyone but USC's Mayo is leaving after his freshman year to persue a career in the NBA.... Anyone hoping they change the rule to 2 years of college instead of 1? I think it would help out both games
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    Also, Kevin Love is coming out.


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      I stand pretty hard against preventing adults from making money in their chosen field. I'm against the age limit entirely., get some.
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        I'm not against the age limit considering how much harder it is to judge kids coming out of high school.

        I mean look at what it has done for the way will the 3 year out of HS rule ever change.

        Different sports call for different rules. Sports like soccer, baseball, and hockey make it an easier trasnition from HS to the pros as opposed to the NBA and NFL.
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          I loved the age limit, like I mentioned earlier it only helps both college and NBA because college gets great players for at least 1 year so teams like Kansas St and other no names can make a run at the championship and then they have 1 more year of experience before entering the NBA....
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            I love the 1 year age limit it's great! I love it for the mere fact that it forces these players to play at least 1 year in college. Where if they are that good they will dominate. 1 man domination at the college level is a thing of beauty IMO.

            Imagine if King James went to college for 1 year. Where would he go? How sick would that be?
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