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  • looking for fantasy baseball advice

    I have a pretty solid team that is doing well in my league, but I am admittedly weak in the run scoring and base stealing department. I have a lot of RBI guys and adequate home run hitters. It is my pitching staff that is keeping the wins coming in. Jake Peavy, Brandon Webb, Jonathan Papelbon, Mariano Rivera, Brad Penny.

    So I was hoping to get some feedback on what players to trade for and potential players I can afford to lose. I would appreciate any advice that can be offered.

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    List your entire team here and the categories you are looking to improve on
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      C- Ivan Rodriguez, Kenji Johjima
      1B- Todd Helton, Paul Konerko
      2B- Dustin Pedroia, Placido Polanco
      SS- Michael Young
      3B- David Wright
      OF- Alex Rios, Vernon Wells, Pat Burrel, JD Drew, Ken Griffey Jr

      P- Jake Peavy, Brandon Webb, Brad Penny, Andy Pettite, Greg Maddux
      RP- Jonathan Papelbon, Mariano Riviera, Hideki Okajima

      Im satisfied with mediocrity at catcher and Ist, 2nd and SS could use improvement, 3B and OF have been phenomenal, pitchers are solid. So I definitely need to find a stolen base player that is a run scorer, preferably at SS, OF. Adam I would appreciate any opinions u have.


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        Velez from SF. I forget his first name. Lots of triples, lots of steals, but thats about all you will get from him.


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          thanks for the advice ill look for him


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            I think a good "buy low" guy is Scott Podsednik.
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              One guy I love every year is Chone figgins has the ability in fantasy to be I think 2b,ss,3b so thats pretty huge and gets a ton of steals...

              Usually having 2 Catchers on a team isnt worth it so can trade one of those plus one of your stud pitchers maybe?
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                your team is sick just keepem together and so what you will lose the steals but should win with K's,W's,HR, and RBI


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                  Thanks everyone for all the feedback I think podsednik and chone figgins are both great considerations. But I will also have to be careful to make my team worse through trades. Thanks Kbig Ill keep the sit tight plan in mind.