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    Was going to send this in to Walter, but I'll just update it again after the Lottery is done tomorrow (8ET on ESPN).

    Here is my latest update. Thanks to Chad Ford from would never claim to be an NBA Draft expert or watch this much basketball, so his scouting reports and rankings are greatly appreciated.

    1. Miami Heat: Derrick Rose, PG, Memphis

    When everyone else was claiming that Michael Beasley was the immortal lock to be the No. 1 pick, I was talking about how Rose was being ignored appearing at the No. 1 spot of my initial mock draft.

    Point guard is a more valuable position in the NBA, and Rose is in every word the prototype. Great size, an underrated shooter, amazing basketball IQ, and his defense goes untalked about.

    If the Heat win the lottery, then they are taking Rose. Why not Beasley? They have that need filled with Shawn Marion. They don’t have a point. Rose and Wade would be a scary backcourt.

    2. Seattle (Oklahoma City) SuperSonics: Michael Beasley, F, Kansas State

    I know, I know. They just drafted Jeff Green to play the wing with the No. 5 pick, trading away Ray Allen in the process. Looks like a great trade in the long term.

    The NBA Draft, more than the NFL, emphasizes value. I just can’t whoever has the No. 2 pick passing up on Beasley (or Rose if Beasley goes No. 1) here. Who are they going to take? Brook Lopez?

    From a pure value standpoint, Beasley has to be the pick here, and then I think we would see Nick Collison or Chris Wilcox go on the trading block.

    Don’t be shocked to see whoever has the No. 2 pick to make a move up to No. 1 to get Derrick Rose (if they must). I think the value of that position is worth making this move, which is pretty inexpensive compared to the NFL Draft.

    3. Minnesota Timberwolves: O.J. Mayo, G, USC

    Al Jefferson had a breakout year for Minnesota, so he looks like the franchise center, but when you look at the backcourt be prepared to be disgusted.

    Randy Foye hasn’t been anything special yet. Marko Jaric, Kirk Snyder, and Rashad McCants? A superstar is needed in Minnesota. I think Mayo fits the bill because this team needs someone that can carry the load offensively.

    4. Memphis Grizzlies: Brook Lopez, C, Stanford

    Darko Milicic. Jason Collins. Need I say more? I’m not as high on Lopez as others are, but he seems like a good option for the Grizz because they desperately need an inside presence.

    5. New York Knicks: Eric Gordon, G, Indiana

    I have watched a lot of Gordon this year, and there is a reason I think he is the second best player in the Draft. Great speed, athleticism, and man the kid can shoot. I don’t care that he is 6’4, which is considered “small” now for a shooting guard in the NBA…crazy. He plays bigger than his size, and I think he is the franchise player the Knicks have been lacking for quite a while.

    6. Los Angeles Clippers: Jerryd Bayless, G, Arizona
    Shaun Livingston’s career is deep in doubt, and it would be smart to bring in a combo guard just to give a boost to the Clips backcourt in the future.

    7. Milwaukee Bucks: D.J. Augustin, PG, Texas

    The Bucks’ frontcourt is stacked, so I don’t see them going there in the draft. Michael Redd is one of the best shooters in the NBA…no need to replace him.

    It comes down to upgrading the point guard position or small forward. This pick is interchangeable with Donte Greene here, but I think this team needs a leader to run their offense. Augustin was just that for Texas last year and really stepped up his game to another level.

    8. Charlotte Bobcats: Anthony Randolph, F, LSU

    The Bobcats are a team that simply needs to get more athletic and explosive. This is Randolph’s calling card, and I fully expect him to be the pick by the Bobcats in the lottery.

    9. Chicago Bulls: Russell Westbrook, PG, UCLA

    The Bulls only two needs on their team really are in the backcourt at point and shooting guard. Chase Budinger could be the pick here, but I think they want someone to push Kirk Heinrich who averaged 5 less points a game last season than the year before.

    10. New Jersey Nets: Donte Green, SF, Syracuse

    You gotta love the trade the Nets made with Jason Kidd. I can’t believe they got Devin Harris, DeSegana Diop, $3 million, and even more players and picks in that trade. Wow. It certainly makes their options wide open in the Draft as they can have some wiggle room to move up in the lottery if they want to acquire a true difference maker like an Eric Gordon, Anthony Randolph, or O.J. Mayo if he falls past the top four picks.

    I have them going with Green here to improve themselves at the three position, and get some depth behind Richard Jefferson.

    11. Indiana Pacers: DeAndre Jordan, C, Texas A&M
    The Pacers need a player with a lot of upside at the center position. This is simply too big of a need to pass up on at this point in the lottery. Chad Ford says there are concerns about his work ethic, but these types of things don’t seem to faze teams in the NBA Draft.

    12. Sacramento Kings: Darrell Arthur, F, Kansas
    Arthur provides the best value at a position of need for the Kings, who simply have nothing at the four to speak of.

    13. Portland Trail Blazers: Kevin Love, F/C, UCLA
    I’m not sold on Greg Oden coming off of microfracture surgery, which has claimed the knees of many a baller: Brian Grant, Antonio McDyess, Chris Webber, Allan Houston, Penny Hardaway, Jamal Mashburn, Terrell Brandon, and Darius Miles (thanks to Wikipedia).

    Depth is still needed in the frontcourt, and Love has some versatility to play the 4 or the 5. He provides insurance in case Oden’s knees give out again, and he can lighten the load.

    14. Golden State Warriors: Chase Budinger, G/F, Arizona
    The Warriors have a pretty stacked roster and most of their needs are filled. Their weakest link by far is center, but I think Budinger provides better value here than Koufos. He is highly athletic and has an immense upside, and when it comes down to it you have to gamble more in the NBA Draft to win.

    15. Phoenix Suns: Bill Walker, G/F, Kansas State

    There really isn’t much behind Raja Bell and Grant Hill on the bench. A developmental player is needed, and Walker has the athleticism to go much higher in the lottery than expected.

    I have been a big Walker fan for a while, and he really stepped up for Kansas State last season.

    16. Philadelphia 76ers: Kosta Koufos, C, Ohio State

    17. Toronto Raptors: Danillo Gallinari, F, Italy

    18. Washington Bullets: JaVale McGee, C, Nevada

    19. Cleveland Cavaliers: Brandon Rush, G, Kansas

    20. Denver Nuggets: Serge Ibaka, PF, Congo

    21. New Jersey Jets: Chris Douglas-Roberts, G/F, Memphis

    22. Orlando Magic: J.J. Hickson, F/C, N.C. State

    23. Utah Jazz: Nicolas Batum, SF, France

    24. Seattle (Oklahoma City) SuperSonics: Ty Lawson, PG, UNC

    25. Houston Rockets: Jason Thompson, PF, Rider

    26. San Antonio Spurs: Rudy Mbemba, G, Sweden

    27. New Orleans Hornets: Courtney Lee, G, Western Kentucky

    28. Memphis Grizzlies: Wayne Ellington, SG, UNC

    29. Detroit Pistons: Robin Lopez, C, Stanford

    30. BOS: Davon Jefferson, SF, USC
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    2014-2015 Kentucky Wildcats (38-1)

    Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.

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    C'mon NBA rig the lotto for the Knicks just like when they got Ewing. New York needs Beasley or Rose to build around. Forum Moderator

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      I'd love to see the Knicks back to would make hte East much more exciting. I'm a fan of their tradition.

      Hopefully they get lucky.
      2014-2015 Kentucky Wildcats (38-1)

      Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.


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        Budinger to the warriors doesn't excite me. We need a center like hell. Love to the Blazers is stupid, simply because they wouldn't give up on Oden that early.


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          The Lottery is tongiht! Knicks better not rig this one and get the #2 pick or I'll be pissed. Now if the Bulls want to do that and get Rose I'm all game!
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            1 hr till the lotto!

            Step 1: Get rid of Isiah (check)

            Step 2: Get top 2 pick....
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              Lucky Bulls get a top 3

              Rigged! lol
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                What?! Rigged! Lucky Bulls. There you go Adam.

                1 Bulls
                2 Heat
                3 TWolves
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                  Hell yes! Derrick Rose to the Bulls...Never been so happy in my life


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                    Im a big Walker fan but even I think that is way to high for him. He is a PF in a SF body. He is still crazy athletic but not as athletic as he once was


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                      I am also also a big Bill Walker fan...I think it is possible that he goes that high.


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                        U better update this for the Bulls to have #1 what what!
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                          There's one on ESPN. Can't say I agree with more than 60% of these picks but its fun to read and look at
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                            Originally posted by Adam Maciasz View Post
                            There's one on ESPN. Can't say I agree with more than 60% of these picks but its fun to read and look at
                            Other than the Bulls pick it's a good mock...No way the Bulls will pass on Rose.


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                              I'm so bummed to have the #3 pick I was looking forward to McHale only having 2 realistic optoins and not being able to **** it up but now I am fully expecting the worst this blows.