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Goal line blitz anyone?

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  • Goal line blitz anyone?

    This is a sim Massive Mulitiplayer Online Role Playing Game football game, do your attributes and watch your man play after the game.

    more info on it:

    What is Goal Line Blitz?
    Goal Line Blitz is a browser-based multiplayer online game based on American Football. It is assumed that you know at least some of the rules of American Football. For a brush-up on the rules and positions, check out the Wikipedia article.
    What can I do in this game?
    Goal Line Blitz gives you a couple of options, depending on how you want to play the game. You can create players, level them up, and participate in a team's attempt to win the championship. You can also gain control of a team and set tactics, recuit players, build your stadium, and more. This is a truly community-based game. You should get to know some of the users on our forum. Most would be happy to answer your questions or recruit you to their team.
    Who should I contact if I have a question or notice a bug?
    You can post in the Forum, or you can Private Message one of the Admins (Bort or digitaldaggers).
    Is this game affiliated with the NFL, any other professional league, or any other website?
    No. We are a completely independent game.
    Where is feature X?
    This is still a beta game, so there are lots of features we haven't added yet. If we've been talking about it, we're working on it. If we haven't been talking about it, maybe we haven't thought of it. Make a suggestion in the Suggestions forum!

    Flex Points
    What are Flex Points?
    Flex Points are the basic currency of Goal Line Blitz. They will allow you to create more players, purchase teams, increase your players' stats, create custom gear, and more. You may see some players refer to them as "FP" or just "Flex."
    How can I get more Flex Points?
    You can buy them, or earn them. Also, we give out some Flex Points on special occasions, and some at the end of every season. Check out the Flex Points page to see how you can earn flex points.
    How many Flex Points can I get through referrals?
    You can earn up to 850 per season. The referral breakdown is as follows:

    50 points per referral for the first 10 referrals.
    25 points per referral for the second 10 referrals
    10 points per referral for the final 10 referrals.

    Referrals in excess of 30 will not earn you more points.
    I referred somebody but didn't get any points. What's up?
    Users that you refer must meet the following qualifications to earn you points:

    They must not be from the same IP address as you. This usually means: they can't be using the same computer to sign up, or share a network with you.
    They must create at least one player.
    They must be active and play the game for at least a day or two.
    What do the different referral statuses on my account page mean?
    There are four different statuses:

    "No Players": This user has not created any players.
    "Pending Activity": This user created an account and some players, but has not been active long enough to earn you any points
    "Awaiting Processing": This user has met all of the qualifications and will be processed for points at the next day change (midnight MST)
    "Processed": This user has already been processed.

    Player Creation
    Can I name my players or teams after NFL players and teams?
    We encourage you not to name your players after NFL players, but we won't stop you. However, we do not allow teams to be named after real-life teams. If you name your team after a real-life team, you will be asked to change it. This is solely to protect us from legal threats.
    How many players and teams can I have in my account?
    As many as you can afford with your flex points. We start you out with enough to make between 2 and 4 players.
    I messed up and made the wrong position. Can I start over and get my points back?
    Yes. Just go to your player's profile page and click the "Retirement Options" link. You can retire your player from there and get a refund of points.
    NOTE: You cannot retire a player once he has joined a human controlled team, so make sure you remain a free agent if you plan to retire the player.
    What's with the different costs to create different position players?
    Since some positions are more glamorous than others, we have made the less glamorous positions cheaper to create, to encourage you to create players in those positions as well. These prices may change over time with demand for various positions.
    What are the maximum levels?
    Attributes can go to 100. Special Skills can go to 10. Player Level has no limit. As you increase each of these, you will find it harder and harder to increase them more. That is, the better you get, the harder it is to get even better.
    How do I gain XP? When do I level up?
    You gain XP for training and participating in games. When your XP reaches 1000, you will level up and get some additional skill points to spend. The higher you get in level, the less XP you will get for training and playing. LV 1 players will usually level up after a game or two.
    What are skill points?
    Skill points are points awarded to your player in order to improve his skills. You gain skill points by leveling up. Each attribute or special ability costs 1 SP at first, but becomes more expensive the higher you go.
    Is there a penalty to my skills for playing out of position?
    Yes, there is. It is a small penalty for similar positions like an OT playing G or a CB playing WR. The penalty is larger for very different positions, like a QB playing DT or a DE playing WR.
    How do I join a team?
    Go to the Contracts tab on your player's profile page. There are 3 offers from CPU teams to start out. If a human team gives you an offer, it will erase the CPU offers.
    NOTE: There are currently no CPU controlled teams, so you will only be able to get offers from human team owners. We will be adding many more teams very soon.
    I joined a CPU team. How can I get on a human-controlled team?
    You must have a human team owner offer you a contract. Contact the owner of the team you are interested in joining via private message to arrange a deal.
    How does equipment work?
    At first, all equipment costs $500. You choose your color and then pick what skill(s) you want it to help you with. Every 8 levels, you have the option to upgrade your equipment in order to get a bigger boost. Each boost will cost more money than the last. Custom Equipment purchased with Flex Points allows to upload a picture and assign up to 6 skills and +1 to an entire tree of Special Abilities.
    Can I wear more than once piece of custom equipment at a time?
    No, you can only equip one custom item at a time. You can purchase multiple and swap them around for different situations, however.

    Team Management
    Why can't I buy CPU-controlled D-League teams?
    D-League teams are special CPU-controlled teams for new players. We must keep them CPU controlled to ensure new players always have a place to play.
    I made an offer to a CPU free agent/trade offer to CPU team. When will it go through?
    CPU players and teams will weigh all their offers at the end of the day (midnight MST). They might accept or reject your offer, depending on other offers they have received.
    I made a trade offer to a human team and it was accepted. When will it go through?
    All trades are processed at the end of the day (midnight MST).
    I purchased a new section for my stadium. When will it be built?
    Sections will be built during the off-season, after the playoffs have concluded, and before the start of the next season. Seating upgrades are built right away.
    When do I get ticket sales?
    Tickets for upcoming games are sold at the end of every day (midnight MST). Season tickets are only sold on the first day of the season. Once you sell out all your games, you cannot sell any more tickets unless you buy more seats.
    I have empty seats and no one is buying tickets. What should I do?
    There is a maximum price people are willing to pay for tickets to your games. If you are riding a long winning streak, they are willing to pay more. If you've been losing a lot, they will be willing to pay less. If you're not selling any tickets, try lowering your ticket prices.

    The Season
    How long is a season?
    40 real life days, which simulates a 20 week season (including playoffs).
    Are there playoffs? Who gets to go?
    Yes. After the last games of the season are played, playoff brackets will be created for each league. The top 8 teams from each conference will go to the playoffs, and play in single-elimination brackets where the winners from each conference meet in the championship game. The others will have to wait until next year.
    When do games get simmed?
    Each league plays every other real-life day. Your the amount of time remaining until your next game's sim time is displayed on your home page, and on the league page for your league.
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