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Lakers vs King game6(video evidence)

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  • Lakers vs King game6(video evidence)

    2002 Western Conference Finals
    On the court, the games between the two teams were definitely intense, culminating in the 2002 NBA Western Conference Finals, which featured Robert Horry's famous last-second three-pointer to beat the Kings in Game 4, a 1 point Kings win off of a Bibby field goal in the waning seconds of Game 5, a controversial Game 6 where the Lakers shot 27 fourth quarter free-throws resulting in a narrow Laker win, and finally a Game 7 with 19 lead changes and 16 ties producing a Lakers overtime win on the road. Many consider the series to be among the most exciting and entertaining in recent NBA history. However, referee Tim Donaghy has indicated that the referees in the series cheated by calling fouls in favor of LA in the series in order for the Lakers to win. He says that it was a direct order from the NBA to throw the series in favor of the Lakers.

    LOL i was saying this back in 02 that somethign was wrong with that game look at this foul call on bibby

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    Jesus, that's a little to obvious.


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      jeez...what a joke


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        Ya I was watching this too and remember watching this game live and thinking it was BS.... Do you think people with proof of betting on that game can and will sue?
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          I was thinking about this and do you think that this may be why Brent Barry didnt get the foul call on his 3 point shot? I mean everyone knows it was better for the NBA to have a LA-BOS final