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LA Angels Get Teixeira

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  • LA Angels Get Teixeira

    ESPN's Keith Law reports that the Angels have acquired Casey Kotchman and Stephen Marek from the Braves for Mark Teixeira.

    Kotchman has reportedly been pulled off the field after going out to warm up for Tuesday's game. The Angels get a nice upgrade here, but they're giving up a 25-year-old with room to improve for just two months of an at least somewhat overrated first baseman. Marek was also one of their top prospects. A move to the pen this year has him looking like a potential closer.

    I agree Teixeira is a little overrated but I can't hate the move. The Angels going all the way this year IMO Forum Moderator

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    There goes the Braves' offense. I hate being a Braves' fan.
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      lol rich get richer


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        That's it! I'm off to be a bandwagon Cubs' fan.
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          The Angels are so loaded...They're going to win it all.


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            I dont see the point. Kotchman and Texeira's numbers are very similar, casey is a much better first baseman, younger and under contract longer. Plus you give up a very promising lefty. Unless they sign Mark to an extension this makes no sense at all.
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              As a Braves fan, I hate this move. Why can't we just pay some money, for once?

              But hey, maybe Kotchman will grow on me.


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                He is hitting .280 this year...I don't know why this is a "huge pickup". It's solid, but hardly groundbreaking.
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                  Originally posted by Matt McGuire View Post
                  He is hitting .280 this year...I don't know why this is a "huge pickup". It's solid, but hardly groundbreaking.
                  He is always alot better in the 2nd half. This makes in the Angels the favorite in the AL, IMO. I actually predicted them to go to the WS before the season started.


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                    The Angels look tuff before Texeria, I like this pickup a lot and like the Angels to come out of the AL
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                      why are you guys saying Kotchman is better defensively

                      Tex has won Gold Gloves and is very sound defensively

                      i'm glad my Braves could get something for Tex cuz they werent gonna be able to sign him anyways