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    I will be posting my picks going forward. Just a few notes though, so you know what you are getting yourself into by looking at my picks. I am no expert when it comes to picking. I merely use trends and analysis from internet sports gurus like walter to make my own judgement about games. In addition, unlike these sites where every game is looked at, I only pick a select few every week.

    Surprisingly, I do very well using this method as it keeps me away from my bias. I will be posting my picks on Fridays. GL all!

    PS: I have no history on this site so I do not expect anybody to care about this thread yet, but I bet/know that will change come next season.

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    Week 7 Picks

    I will be writing up my reasonings tomorrow but here are my picks for the week. My 1 unit is not the same as walt's 1 unit. That is the amount I bet. All these picks are my high confidence picks.

    Falcons -3 (Spread from 5Dimes and SBGGLOBAL) (1 Unit)
    Rams +3 (Spread from Bodog) (2 Units)
    49ers -2.5 (Spread from 5Dimes and (3 Units)
    Seahawks -5.5 (Spread from (2 Units)


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      Went 3-1 (+2 units)

      If that bum Alex Smith didn't get injured then this would have been an easy sweep for 8 units. Arg. Next week I will do the 4-0 sweep. FYI, in my Pickem against the spread I am 10 - 3 this week losing the Bears, 49ers, and Vikes. I have Dallas tonight (though not one of my 4 locks for the week).


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        Week 8 Picks

        St. Louis +3 to cover against Carolina (1 Unit)
        San Diego -3.5 to cover against Tenessee (3 Units)
        Seattle -2.5 to cover against Oakland (1 Unit)
        Miami +2 to cover against Cincinatti (1 Unit)
        Buffalo +7.5 to cover against KC (2 Units)
        NYJ -6 to cover against Green Bay (1 Unit)


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          Over the past 2 weeks I have gone 6-3 (+7 units). Not too shabby. Will keep them coming. This season has been golden for me.


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            You did a good job 4-2 and total of 5 unit wins. Keep them coming.


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              6-3 (+7 Units)

              Wow! This week actually looks promising. I will be back on Friday with my picks of the week.


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                Week 9 Picks
                YTD: 6-3 (+7 Units)

                Sh*t! I hate weeks that look soo obvious when it comes to picks. This is a warning to everybody that when spreads seem too good to be true, they probably are. I can't help myself though. Here are my picks this week:

                Jets -4 (2 Units) - This is a team that will shut down any offense. Btw ... Detroit will not stop the run

                Saints -6.5 (2 Units) - Did you see them last week? Do you really think that Moore will be able to do any better than Rapesburger? Not to meantion that Pitt's D is definately better than Carolina's.

                Chargers -3 (1 Unit) - I am more betting this one on bias then anything, but wanted to post it anyway. I really think that the Chargers are going to win out. The turnovers will subside and they will be able to cash in on all thel yards they have been accumulating even with the recievers they have.

                Giants +7 (1 Unit) - No value here since spread is high but with the Seahawks having but one starter on the O-Line and Hasselbeck scared ****less to even practice during the week, this should be a Sackfest. The only thing that worries me is that the Seahawks are at home.

                Colts +3 (1 Unit) - Inflated Spread due to Vik torching two horrible teams. Colts recievers worry me though (not to mention stopping Vik's scrambles)

                Raiders -3 (1 Unit) - Raider Nation!! I have called the Cheifs overated all season. With the Raiders and home, and with them winning, can you imagine how sick this stadium will be? We are talking about the fans that are crazy even when the Raiders can't buy a game.

                Steelers -5 (2 Units) - Bengles? The reason this is only a 5 point spread is because of the uncertainty that the TO and OCHO duo will step it up when the whole nation is watching them mainly due to them needing to be in the spotlight. Problem is Palmer is going to throw 3 picks. As long as Rapesburger doesn't fumble is more than 1 time, this should be an easy cover.

                I hate that I am wagering 10 units this week on games that seem too obvious who will cover the spread but how can I not bet on games where the bet is obvious?

                Will make these final by end of the day. A little more research to do.
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                  Ok ... so Walter Picked Cleveland as a 3 Unit pick. I can't agree with him. Accuscore's analysis shows Pats winning by 10. My own analysis has the Pats shutting down the run and forcing McCoy to beat them over the top. Pats will win this and cover the spread easily. 0 Unit pick :-)

                  Why is every expert picking Cleveland?
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                    I'm no expert by any means, but I like the Brownies to possibly win SU. Their defense is better than the Pats and seems to be a 'look-ahead' spot for the New England..While the Patriots are obviously the better team, the situation sets up well here for the Browns to cover at home... i'm just sayin... GL.


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                      I am 5-1 so far for a total of +4 Units this week and have one more 2 Unit pick on the Steelers tonight. Lets hope the Ocho and TO show don't show up with all the cameras on them.


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                        This week I went 6-1 for +6 units. In total I am 12-4 (+13 Units). Next week looks promising as well. I'm stoked to keep making the moneys
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                          I will start off this week with:

                          Atlanta -1 (1 Unit) - I am not that confident in this pick, since B'More can easily put a hurting on the Falcons if the shortend week doesn't drain them too much. I can't imagin though not betting on the first Thursday night game of the year. Atlanta is unstoppable at home and until they prove me wrong (I didn't bet on them last week due to the Divisional Matchup that scared me), I will bet them until exhaustion.

                          I think a Falcon could beat a Raven in a fight as well, and when in doubt I go to the mascots (jk).

                          As for the rest of my picks, I am going to try to post on Saturday. I want to actually do some in depth analysis and go perfect on sunday. This will take me until Saturday, if not, Sunday morning before the games.
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                            Season to date (only been betting the past 3 weeks):
                            W: 13
                            L: 4
                            Units: + 14


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                              Sorry everybody about not posting the games this morning. I was too hungover and didn't get to finish my analysis. For tonight's game I did indeed bet on NE like Walter's analysis shows but I am not going to be suggesting that as one of my locks for the week. I also have money on the Eagles, but again do not think that it is a lock either. I will not be suggesting bets on either of the games. I will be back next week with many picks to make up for only picking the thursday game this week.