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    25% of all the bets I made this week ... was on the Chargers. I thought it was a stupid move since they were 9pt favorites and I like to stay away from large point spreads, which is why I didn't post it at 7 units. Go Cards and Jets (and Falcons)!
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      Remaining picks for the week:

      Falcons -6 (1 Unit) - Worried about them looking forward but seattle is just lethargic and injured. Falcons win this in Seattle.
      Jets +6 (1 Unit) - Jets have been overrated all year and have finally lost the interest of the public. When a team finally loses that respect, then is the time to bet them.
      Cardinals +3 (2 Units) - I am hoping that the Panthers are playing to get luck and throwing games. This makes sense for the good of the franchise. Clawful is just not what was expected.
      Dallas -7 (2 Units) - GGGGRRRROOOOOSSSSSSSSSS
      Bears -3 (2 Units) - What are they going to be playing against? Farve wouldn't dare go in against that pass rush. One hit and he would be out and injured.


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        26W-11L for a profit of 20.91

        There was a typo in the bears above. Everybody knew the spread was 8ish ... covered anyway!


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          I wish I could put a bet on tonights game, can't though. The spread is too high to make a pick this late in the season for (might make it with the eagles though since their offense is actually clicking). I'm gonna have to sit tonight's game out. Look for my picks sunday though.


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            Week 16:

            Tenessee +5 (1 Unit)
            Washington +7 (2 Units)
            Chicago -1 (2 Units)
            Tampa Bay -6.5 (1 Units)
            New York Giants +3 (2 Units)


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              29W-13L for a total profit of 22.46


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                Wildcard - Week 18

                29W-13L for a total profit of 22.46

                Note: These spreads are from Bodog

                Ravens -3 (4 Units) - Ravens are known for their D. Sure the Cheifs have Charles, but he will not be enough to take down the ravens. Also, Dwayne Bowe will be blanketed. Ravens will win this.

                Jets +3 (2 Unit) Rex talks too much **** for an NFL coach, but this year, his defense has the potential to back it up. I hate Sanchez, but he rises to the occasion when needed (Pitt, and last year's Bengals and Chargers playoff games). If Rex swallows his pride and avoids all out blitzes, Jets have a good shot

                Seahawks +12 (1 Unit) - This spread is at 11 on BODOG at the moment, but will be putting my bet in just prior to game time. It should be 11.5 or 12. I will end up using the spread at this point. I am iffy on this. Seahawks are great at home and will slow down the Saints. My only concern is with their veteran QB coming back. With him back they wont be as conservative in play calling, which will lead to more picks. That being said, 12 points is a lot of points, and Carroll can possibly have some "bowl trickery" up his sleeve haha. This is gonna be a game with a backdoor cover.

                Green Bay +3 (3 Units) The eagles were disrupted by the Viking blitz, imagine what will happen with Matthews running after Vik. I think Matthews may actually be faster than him. I am predicting Vik to be injured by Matthews if he gets to him.


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                  I am now 33W-13L for the season with a net profit of 31.55 units.


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                    Great week, congrats.


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                      Originally posted by ryguy View Post
                      Great week, congrats.
                      Thanks. My recent weeks, though over 50% haven't been hitting as well as I would have hoped they would. I am extatic that I banked on all of my picks this week.


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                        Week 19


                        Week 19
                        Playoffs Picks are as follows:

                        Green Bay +3 (4 Units) - I think Green Bay should be favored and with them at +3 at BODOG, I am getting great value by taking them at +3. They are peaking at the right time while the Falcons have more or less been on buys for 2 weeks (Carolina is horrible) causing them to possibly come out flat.

                        Seahawks +10 (2 Units) - Seahawks are definately at their climax. They beat the rams and saints back to back. The Bears just lost to Green Bay and have now sat around for the last 2 weeks thinking about the loss. Seahawks may actually take this game if Peppers doesn't reek havoc on Matt H.

                        Ravens +3 (2 Unit) - I love the ravens here. They are playing great and pitt's line seems to be collapsing. My only worry is a fresh Pitt team to come out strong. I will take the Ravens, and hope that they are playing under the impression that Ray Lewis and Ed Reed may never be in this position again (playoffs).

                        Patriots -9 (1 Unit) - Bill and Tom have always been known to do their talking on the field. When spygate came out, what did they do back when? They started blowing teams out by 30+ points every game, and even going for it on 4th downs in the 4th up by 30 just because they could. With Ryan running his mouth I expect the same thing to happen. I am figuring that the Pats will win this by a solid 2 scores.


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                          34-16 for a total profit of 30.19

                          I cannot believe the Ravens sucked that much in the second half. As for the Seahawks ... the effort was pitiful. The Patriots game was great to watch, but unfortunate for my betting.

                          This week I cannot make up my mind about the Bears-Packers game, but I do like the Jets +3.5 for 2 units. I am going to wait until game day though to try to get this game at +4.


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                            34 - 17 for 28.19 units. Though I have had 2 losing weeks, still happy with being 67% on the season. 1 more game to go before I start concentrating on BBall


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                              I feel like 67% was sick last season! Though I prob can't keep that up, I'm going to hope and pray for 60%!


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                                GL and get the 70% mark. Good to see you back