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A Complete Guide to Buy a Katana Sword

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  • A Complete Guide to Buy a Katana Sword

    A Complete Guide to Buy a Katana Sword

    Are you hunting for a real katana sword? Then let the article guide you like a ninja & take you to the historical Samurai world. The Katana sword is a signature symbol of ancient Japanese ancestors. It is a weapon that is durable, sharp & curvy. As this article is a complete guide for you, you will get to know about the types of Samurai swords, shape, and which variety of blades will impress you. Many people love to collect antiques. Not only that, ancient tradition always has a significant value. Katana swords are that quality of things. Read this article before you go to buy Katana sword.

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    What is the Katana Sword?
    A katana sword is a Japanese curvy single-edged blade sword with a long grip. The long grip is for accommodating two hands. It is most famous as a Samurai sword in Japan. Katana swords don't have any fixed size but they are mostly between 60 to 80 centimeters long. Samurai swords are always made of quality steel. The steel of the Samurai sword is repeatedly hammered and folded. This process is for removing bubbles from the steel.

    Bubbles make steel weaker. Samurai swords are greatly renowned for their strength and sharpness. Katana is one of the best Samurai swords. It is an iconic sword with a sharp curved blade. The use of Katana swords started when the Samurai fighters developed fighting from horseback. Fighting from horseback became easier with curved blades. Katana helped the warriors to protect their opponents from mounted positions.

    Categorize of Samurai Swords
    1. Katana

    Whenever any conversation about warfare starts, the discussion without the word ' Samurai' remains incomplete. The heroic tales of the Samurai war always give goosebumps to the listener. The bravery of the legendary Samurai was incomplete without the Katana sword. Most people address the katana as the 'Samurai sword'. It is one of the strongest swords because of the process it has gone through. In the history of Japanese Samurai warfare, the katana sword was characterized by its curved, edged single blade, and long grip. It was mainly used to defeat the opponents from upwards. Besides, it was also used to slice the opponent into two pieces by a single stroke.
    1. Odachi

    If anyone wants a large shape of Samurai sword, then give him odachi. People also refer to it as Nodachi. Nodachi means field sword. Odachi is a long sword in general. It is around 100 centimeters long. The odachi was used by the foot warrior. They used it to defend the opponent from a long distance. As the odachi sword has a gigantic size, so it easily can attack the enemy over a long-range. But the thing is, the odachi sword is for the open field. You can not use it in a restricted area as it is enormous.
    1. Tanto

    The smallest sword of all Samurai swords is the tanto. Tanto is generally a Japanese dagger. Warrior used a tanto sword as a second-linedefense. The Samurai warrior who had the tanto sword never left it. They always took it with them wherever they went anywhere. It is easy to carry the tanto sword. Tanto's sword is not so good for slashing the opponent. But, it is betterfor stabbing. The ancient warriors used it to puncture their armor. Tanto sword is a single-edged or double-edged blade. It looks like a knife. The length of the tanto sword is between 15 to 30 centimeters.
    1. Tachi

    Tachi is one of the oldest swords in japan. Tachi is typically another form of Katana sword. But the difference between them is their length. The warrior wore tachi hanging in a belt with a cutting edge down. On the other hand, the Katana sword is worn with a cutting-edge uppermost hand. The length of tachi is between 75 to 100 cm. It is mostly famous for its design, and the samurai class of feudal used it the most.
    1. Wakizashi

    Wakizashi is another small sword among the Samurai sword series. But it is greater than a tanto sword. The length of wakizashi is between 30 to 60 centimeters. The historical samurai used wakizashi with the Katana sword. They love to prefer the katana sword as a significant sword & wakizashi as a small sword. It works as a backup sword. It is a little symbol of a journey.

    What Makes Katana So Special

    In a word, the process of producing a katana sword makes it so extraordinary. It is an elaborate process. No one can deny that making a katana sword needs endurance as well as it also requires quality materials. Such as the steel for the katana sword has to be high in quality. Not only that, at the beginning of the process, the designer heated it high and hit it with a hammer.

    Then he folded it and spread it. Thus this process repeats again & again. This repeated process makes the katana sword stronger than ever. It removes the bubble into the steel and keeps it free from weakening. Besides, it brings a layer on the surface of the sword and makes the Katana sword sharp. After completing the repeated process, it's time to cool it down. But, you can't cool it directly into ice or water.

    The reason is that it makes the surface of the steel brittle. Even if you cool the sword slowly, it will also make the blade blunt. So, the cooling process of a katana sword is a bit different & requires carefulness. A thin layer of ash & water combination is applied to the blade of the sword. It makes the curved blade cool and sharp. The clay is also applied to get a sturdy backbone.

    In Conclusion

    Katana sword is an ancient possession. The real katana sword will make you feel like you're witnessing the era of the Samurai warrior. The sharp, curved &edged-blade of it will blow your mind away if you are a history lover. Katana was the primary weapon of Samurai warfare. It is fast-moving and has a great defensive ability. What are you waiting for? If you love the assistance of a sword, buy Katana sword without any doubt.