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Dyson v10 allergy vacuum, blue

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  • Dyson v10 allergy vacuum, blue

    We got the Dyson v10 allergy vacuum, blue, and couldn’t be happier with it! We got it to replace our upright dyson ball: it’s been wonderful, but it’s pretty bulky and annoying to lug up and down stairs. The v10 animal is much lighter, and much more portable. It seems to do the same great job, when you factor in how much more frequently I actually use the V10!

    It’s great for a quick run around the high-traffic areas, or a deeper clean of the area rugs and hard floors. We have medium- and low-pile area rugs over hardwood and tile floors (roughly 1,000sq ft per floor), and it works fine on both.

    Another reviewer suggested that the only difference between the animal and the absolute is the hardwood floor attachment (the canister size and other attachments are the same), so I got the animal.

    I love that it has several settings, from a quick run on the lowest setting on the motor with the roller head at the highest setting (you can raise or lower openings on the head for different suction strength - lower setting gets more suction, higher setting sucks up bigger debris); to a deep clean of a carpeted area that has ground in dirt (the motor at highest setting and roller head at lowest setting).

    My one tiny gripe is that you have to hold the trigger down to keep the motor on. Not a big problem since it doesn’t run that long for any job, but after I do the whole upstairs my trigger finger does ach a bit (I’m getting old!).

    I love that it’s light enough and quiet enough for my 4 year old to use it, and my 6 month old isn’t afraid of it!

    Emptying the canister is a breeze: no touching dust or dirt, plus there’s a rubber seal that slides down the middle of the canister to help push more dust off the middle cylinder. The first time I tried to empty the canister, it took a little extra strength to get it open all the way, and I was a bit worried I might break it. Since then I haven’t had trouble opening it, and it stays sealed while closed.

    In every way, it’s a major improvement on our 2008/9 dyson ball! And I loved our old dyson!

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